Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Using up leftover yarn.

Playing with cables.

Starting something new.

Adding 3 blocks to the afghan:

On the left in red:  Lion's Mane by April Moreland
In the middle in orange / taupe: Schoharie Spring by Mary McKnight
On the right: traditional granny square

And a wee bit of sewing.

Crafting has resumed here over the last few weeks albeit on a reduced scale:  more classes = less craft time!


  1. Well everything you have made and are making is gorgeous. I like that cable blanket. Looks very nice. I started one a few years ago and haven't worked on it in a long time. I need to get it back out. It really takes a lot of concentration. I just downloaded pictures of my projects. I keep telling myself..I'm not starting one more project until I finish....blah blah blah!

    Cindy Bee

  2. Hi Fiona! Looks wonderful! I love the afgan and the colours - your new project seems to be with very thin yarn and so beautiful - and lovely phone cases, just what my hb needed yesterday and baught one very boring. Sunny wishes! x Teje

  3. Your knitting and crocheting is so neat, I can only look on and wish!

  4. Ohhh that cabling looks interesting! :D