Friday, 27 April 2012

Some crochet and baking

I decided to use up some left-over yarn from a previous project by making a cushion cover.  Completely ad libbed - a granny square for the front and some granny stripes for the back.

Otherwise there hasn't been much crafting going on, but I have been busy in the kitchen in a sudden urge to try my hand once more at some gluten-free baking.  I think Andy was tempted to take cover when I declared that baking was on the itinerary as previous GF attempts haven't exactly been resounding successes (think rock solid loaves of bread that, if fired from a cannon or simply dropped on a foot, could inflict serious injury) but this time was different.  

Armed with some new recipe books (Phil Vickery's 'Seriously Good! Gluten-Free Cooking' and 'Seriously Good! Gluten-Free Baking') and a new bread maker with a gluten-free programme I've been baking up a storm: Yorkshire puds, lots of different types of bread, cakes ...   As I type there is bread baking in the bread maker and some lentil soup on the stove ... I'm looking forward to lunch today!  

I know I've had some success baking if Andy will eat the results - he doesn't need a gluten-free diet but was quite happy to scoff down the Yorkshire puds, deemed one loaf of white bread to be surprisingly good (was I sure it was gluten-free?!) and loves the fruit cake that is rapidly disappearing.  Now I've just got to crack pizza dough ....!!

Joining in today with Our Creative Spaces - why don't you take a look at what everyone else is making?


  1. oh my. Oops. You asked me for my gf bread recipe, didn't you- ages ago. I am so sorry. Anyway, let me know how you get on. I think alot depends on the flour you have available (are there many options?) We have two great (for GF!) pre mixes here that I like- add yeast, water, oil, but the flours are pre mixed. I use my 'normal' bread recipe but tend to make it abit wetter. With pizza bases, I make a bread dough (flour- maybe 3-4 cups, pinch of salt, sugar, yeast (maybe 2 teaspoons), olive oil (splash), and warm water till I get a wet-ish mix (it just doesn't knead the same, let it rise- when I put it on the trays, I wet my hands and sort of spread it out like clay and work it into a 'round' shape. Gee, sorry for trying to tell you all this in your comment box! I am pretty 'loose' with recipes but happy to bounce ideas around.

  2. I like your cushion, maybe I should try one of those before graduating to the flowers!

    My friend's son was coeliac and all the boys used to think it was very cool that he got to bring his own pasta to their birthday parties!

  3. nice colours on the cover,back side also looks appealing!

  4. Hi Fiona..I am glad your latest baking episodes have been a success with gluten free recipes. I love your latest cushion too and am interested to see how you have made the back, thanks for the good ideas. The colours are really pretty.

  5. I love the cushion's backside - last time I made one I did the back like the front but I like your one better.

    I recently saw a gluten free waffle recipe on Joy the Baker - when I went over there to search for it just I found she has quite a free gluten free ones to choose from - this one looked better than the waffles - - they look good enough to eat! ;D

  6. I love grannies! And I love that you used granny stripes for the back!

  7. I just made a GF white cake that DH devoured.
    I have a GF baker friend who test drives the recipes first.
    My post:
    It used Millet, Sorghum and Tapioca flours which I did not have but baker friend gave me the exact amounts.
    She's had success with GF breads but GF would be too easy for my food allergies so I mainly try her desserts.

    I like your pillow- using up the scraps to make something pretty.