Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Day

I've been crafting today and made this curvy clutch with a hot pink lining using a Michelle pattern (formerly Keyka Lou).  I changed a few things - it has fusible wadding as well as fusible interfacing and I've top-stitched the darts and seams for a neater look.  I could have added a wrist strap - nearly did but I got distracted at some point!!

And there's been some knitting going on round here too. This is the very boring back of a summer cardi ... 

The front and sleeves promise to be much more interesting once I've make sense of the chart, but I might not have started this one had I realised that the back was just a K2 P4 rib (yawn).

Finally let me introduce you to my new friend, Fred:

Fred likes vacuuming and, it has to be said, does it very well.  He doesn't bump into the furniture or fall down the stairs; plus he weighs virtually nothing, so taking him up and downstairs (and we have lots of stairs between the 5 levels in this house) doesn't strain my back.  Best of all he does the work while I'm out at work leaving me more time for the fun stuff when I get home!

Right - it must be time to light the BBQ.  We're making the most of this run of nice weather while we have it!!

What are you doing this May Day holiday (if, indeed, it is a holiday wherever you are!)?  


  1. Beautiful fabric used for the clutch! I like the sound of the vacuum cleaner... have seen one in action and I was impressed. No May day holiday in Australia...

  2. Hi Fiona! Your new pouch is beautiful! What a great fabric!
    I would love to have Fred but I guess he wouldn't like all the tiny corners with lots of Nero's hairs. I'm happy to hear that he works so well! Today I visited my friend-relative in an other city. She is an artist and gave me a painting! I had so lovely day!
    Wishes - still from Finland! x Teje

  3. Fusible wadding is fab. I've got a quilt on the go that is made in quilt as you go blocks! Might actually finish it. Smashing bag too. Secretly hoping for a wet Bank Holiday next week for some crafting xXx

  4. Like your clutch, looks like just the pattern I need for a family wedding later this month. We spent the May Day holiday in warm and sunny Warsaw, so no crafting but lots of sightseeing. Hope you enjoyed your BBQ

  5. Very cute cluch! I would love to have a fred in my house :)

  6. Ha! We too have had the company of a "Fred" since last year (although I think its given name was 'Roomba' and we call it 'Robo') and it's great... It has to be said that Toby is none-too keen, but they seem to have come to a mutual understanding: Robo scoots under Toby's bed and Toby no longer barks his head off. Sara x

  7. Hi Fiona,
    That clutch is adorable. You are so good at making bags and purses and such. And I'm anxious to see that cardigan. I like repetitive type stuff that's easy because most of the time when I'm knitting or crocheting, I'm watching t.v. and not paying attention! Five levels! WOW! It's nice to have Fred to help you out. I especially like that he's a HE....most he's I know don't do housework!

    Cindy Bee

  8. Cool gadget, that Fred! I love the clutch and is it just because I know that I can see a teeny tiny bit of pink poking through!

  9. I could do with one of those hoovers - B does vaccumn (I can't even spell it) but not often enough! Don't tell him I said that. ;D

  10. Forgot to say I was looking through the Creative Spaces and saw your clutch and before I knew it was definately yours I thought 'That looks like something Fiona-Made' :D