Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Productive Weekend

This cake is gluten free and it's absolutely delicious!  It's an apple / cider / fruit cake (can't remember its real title!) from Phil Vickery's "Seriously good!  Gluten Free Baking" book.

Did I say how yummy it is?!

In addition to baking I've also been trying to finish up the many abandoned projects on my cutting table.  I whipped up a small bag for a present yesterday and I finished another present this morning - a combination of knitting, crochet and sewing (the perfect project?) which has taken me since mid-March.  I followed a pattern for some of it but made many changes and, as I have to be in the right mood for improvising, it took far longer than it should have done.  Details and photos to follow when both presents have been gifted.  I've also been working on the knitted cardi and started my blocks for the afghan CAL.

It's all happening here - amazing what you can achieve when it's raining cats and dogs!

I had a lovely surprise in the post this week - a parcel from my sister in Australia with a fantastic hand-made present for me from my ten-year-old niece:

This book has a coptic binding and is covered with Japanese paper.  
Really beautiful work!

The cake above was this morning's baking session, but I've been doing well with gluten-free bread over the last week as well:

This was a sourdough mix from Finax ... tasty with great texture.

Oat bread mix from Provena - not sold on the taste / texture of this one; it's a bit cake-y for it to work well as bread.

This white loaf is Schär bread mix B - also good texture / taste.

Time for another slice of cake and a cuppa now!  

What have you been doing?


  1. I love your apple cake photo, I can almost smell how good that cake is in Latvia! Fortunately just back from a very good Sunday brunch, otherwise I would be heading out to the bakers right now.

    You have a very talented niece there, must be in the genes :)

  2. Go you! I'm supposed to be trying gluten-free at the mo but keep... ahem.. putting it off.

    Fantastic pressie from the neice, BTW. Clever girl!

  3. Impressive gf baking going on at your place. I know what you mean about the 'cakey textured thing. Enjoy. x

  4. That cake looks so yummy! And I love all the bread too... :)

  5. Cake and breads look really good and that gift from your niece is just darling. :D

  6. Somehow I missed your post about Little Bird's present - I'm glad you like it so much! She had a lot of fun making it, and imagining you using it. She's in bed now but tomorrow I'll show her your post...