Thursday, 26 July 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

Well, apart from the fact that it's my neck and that it should have a curve in it (like this - see, that's what a lordotic curve in a normal cervical spine looks like) and blatantly doesn't ....

... for which I totally blame the guy who drove through the back of our Fiat Uno on a German motorway 23 years ago writing off the car, destroying quite a few bottles of extremely delicious wine and wrecking my neck to boot.

Not that I hold grudges for very long, you understand!

Anyway ...back to the picture.  There are some bulging discs near the base of my very straight (or "defective" if you use the caring, sensitive terminology of the guy at the radiology lab) neck and somehow they're irritating some nerve roots on the right side which apparently explains the current uselessness of and pain in my right shoulder, arm and (sometimes) ear for the last 4 weeks or so and a complete lack of crafting.

In fact a complete lack of anything .. no work, no driving, very little typing (except left-handed), no housework (OK - small Yay! there), no gardening, NO FUN!

And did I mention that it hurts?  

So, not being good really isn't much of a temptation.  It's likely to continue for a while yet.  The consultant has prescribed loads of physio, drugs and rest ...

... a veritable snooze fest!  

As a result there won't be much happening on this blog for a while although I will try to take the odd photo when we go away this weekend - depends how heavy the camera feels after whatever the physio does to me tomorrow morning!!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

In Best Blue Peter Tradition

Here's one I made earlier

A lot earlier in fact ... sometime early last summer when I fancied a very simple knitting project.  This is a Scalene scarf and it really is ridiculously simple to knit ... but as a result it's quite a boring project.  Haven't quite got my head round all the ways to wear it - it has a notch in the scarf so you thread one end through rather than tying it.  This one has been languishing unworn in the cupboard as I really wasn't very excited by it when it was finished.

At the moment there is nothing happening round here ... absolutely nothing and it's really getting a bit boring.  About a month back I got some neck pain (not so unusual for me) and this quickly transformed into shoulder / arm pain and I can't do anything much with my right arm.  So I've been popping steroid tablets like Smarties for the past week and it's getting a little better.  Off to the orthopaedic specialist on Friday for some more prodding and hopefully some useful treatment ... fingers crossed.

So, I'm sat at home.  

No crafting (not touched a crochet hook or my sewing machine since early June) 
No work since last week (can't drive ... or write) 
No husband (he flew to Manila last week on business and won't be home to the end of next week but he did prep lots of meals for me before he left - he's a star!).  
No sunshine (where has summer gone?)

What's a girl to do?  

Thank goodness for the Kindle app, Skype, a little robot vacuum cleaner who's doing all the work round here and - saved for just such a rainy day - Pride and Prejudice on DVD (the Colin Firth version).  

Hope to be back to making things soon as there's a sew-along I want to join in with next month:  I have a bag pattern I haven't yet made and the fabric ....

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Another Photo Book

Look what the postman brought me today!  I decided to document some of our favourite snaps of the dogs in a photo book.  Once I had chosen some photos it took less than half an hour to compile the book on my Mac using iPhoto and just a few days for it to be printed and delivered to me.

It's no secret that I love photo books.  I've made several of them as holiday albums and have done a couple of family albums for presents too.  It's nice to be able to look at your photos and not just have them buried in a folder on the computer or flick past as part of a screen saver display!

This book is just for us and is light on words.  The photos weren't chosen because they were great photos, just to remind us of the brats.  However the photos do improve over the lifetime of the dogs - possibly because they sat still for longer as they aged!!

We've decided we won't be getting any more dogs due to a combination of my allergies and the fact that we don't seem to stay in one place for more than a few years (dogs like moving even less than their slaves do!).

Photos of the book taken on my phone ... I'm getting lazy!!