Tuesday, 17 July 2012

In Best Blue Peter Tradition

Here's one I made earlier

A lot earlier in fact ... sometime early last summer when I fancied a very simple knitting project.  This is a Scalene scarf and it really is ridiculously simple to knit ... but as a result it's quite a boring project.  Haven't quite got my head round all the ways to wear it - it has a notch in the scarf so you thread one end through rather than tying it.  This one has been languishing unworn in the cupboard as I really wasn't very excited by it when it was finished.

At the moment there is nothing happening round here ... absolutely nothing and it's really getting a bit boring.  About a month back I got some neck pain (not so unusual for me) and this quickly transformed into shoulder / arm pain and I can't do anything much with my right arm.  So I've been popping steroid tablets like Smarties for the past week and it's getting a little better.  Off to the orthopaedic specialist on Friday for some more prodding and hopefully some useful treatment ... fingers crossed.

So, I'm sat at home.  

No crafting (not touched a crochet hook or my sewing machine since early June) 
No work since last week (can't drive ... or write) 
No husband (he flew to Manila last week on business and won't be home to the end of next week but he did prep lots of meals for me before he left - he's a star!).  
No sunshine (where has summer gone?)

What's a girl to do?  

Thank goodness for the Kindle app, Skype, a little robot vacuum cleaner who's doing all the work round here and - saved for just such a rainy day - Pride and Prejudice on DVD (the Colin Firth version).  

Hope to be back to making things soon as there's a sew-along I want to join in with next month:  I have a bag pattern I haven't yet made and the fabric ....


  1. Oh now life can't be that bad if you have Colin Firth climbing out of the lake all wet and gorgeous looking on constant replay!

    Hope you are back to fighting fit soon.

  2. I like the look of the scarf with the notch, rather than tying. Enjoy looking at Colin Firth and hope you are feeling much better very soon!!!

  3. The scarf is lovely! Sometimes a nice garter, on the boring side, scarf can be relaxing to knit up. I'm so sorry to hear about the crafty time-out you're suffering through. Hang in there...

  4. Hi Fiona! I hope you get well soon! Your scarf is wonderful and I love the way it goes throught the other part! x Teje

  5. Love the scarf Fiona!...

    You really can't beat a bit of Pride & Prejudice when you are confined to the sofa. I always thought Colin Firth would remain my Mr Darcy, but along came Matthew MacFadyen!

    I hope you get better soon.


  6. I love the scarf and it looks great on you.
    How about that vacation, are you getting into planning yet?
    I'm glad you are getting care for your arm. Hopefully it will be ready for that sew in. And you should be getting a cheery package in the mail soon. I mailed it last Thursday.

    Cindy Bee