Thursday, 26 July 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

Well, apart from the fact that it's my neck and that it should have a curve in it (like this - see, that's what a lordotic curve in a normal cervical spine looks like) and blatantly doesn't ....

... for which I totally blame the guy who drove through the back of our Fiat Uno on a German motorway 23 years ago writing off the car, destroying quite a few bottles of extremely delicious wine and wrecking my neck to boot.

Not that I hold grudges for very long, you understand!

Anyway ...back to the picture.  There are some bulging discs near the base of my very straight (or "defective" if you use the caring, sensitive terminology of the guy at the radiology lab) neck and somehow they're irritating some nerve roots on the right side which apparently explains the current uselessness of and pain in my right shoulder, arm and (sometimes) ear for the last 4 weeks or so and a complete lack of crafting.

In fact a complete lack of anything .. no work, no driving, very little typing (except left-handed), no housework (OK - small Yay! there), no gardening, NO FUN!

And did I mention that it hurts?  

So, not being good really isn't much of a temptation.  It's likely to continue for a while yet.  The consultant has prescribed loads of physio, drugs and rest ...

... a veritable snooze fest!  

As a result there won't be much happening on this blog for a while although I will try to take the odd photo when we go away this weekend - depends how heavy the camera feels after whatever the physio does to me tomorrow morning!!



  1. Damn...I'd be more angry about the wine! (Just kidding) I hope the physio and drugs miraculously cures you soon so you can get back to crafting.

    In the meantime, nighty night!

    Cindy Bee

  2. Oh dear, you are in a bad way. Hope the rest, drugs and physio get you as right as rain soon. We'll still be here when you get your typing arm back!

  3. Oh Fiona, that's too bad! I do hope you get well and don't get too bored during your resting time! I guess that now you just have to make plans and new designs what you shall make later! Hugs! x Teje

  4. Oh, I think radiologists like words beginning with 'D'. 'Degeneration' I was told... made me sound like I was 100. Enjoy your weekend away and take care!!!

  5. Oh noooooo! That sounds (and looks) horrible. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that all the physio drugs and rest work quick smart.

  6. Oh Fiona, that doesn't sound good at all. take care, and try not to let pain and all that not doing lots of stuff, do your head in x