Tuesday, 21 August 2012


It really isn't the weather for standing over a hot stove, but my neighbour called round yesterday with a huge bag of mirabelle plums for me.  Her friend has a tree or two in her garden and has a surplus .... hence the gift!  But what to do with 1.5 kg of very ripe plums?

I'm not a plum jam fan .. it's not bad jam; it's just there are so many fruits that make nicer jam to my mind.  So jam never made my short list.  

Google to the rescue!

I found a mirabelle chutney recipe that sounded great and for which I had most of the ingredients (an important point as I wasn't planning a trip to the store in 30+ C heat) or could substitute alternatives.  If you have a surfeit of mirabelles or any other plums, you can find the recipe on this lovely blog: Prunings From the Vines.  

If what I licked off the spoon after filling my jars is anything to go by, this is really tasty ... not sure the two jars that I got from 800g of plums will last long enough for the flavours to develop fully!!  

However did we cope before Google?

I received another lovely gift a couple of weeks ago from a blogging friend in the States.  Cindy is The Bee Lady from Hilltop Farm ... yes, she keeps bees and she also blogs about places she's been to, things she's crocheted, building a new house, her dogs and life in general.  Cindy posts a lot more regularly than I do (wouldn't be hard at the moment!!) and I always look forward to reading about what she's been up to.

Anyhow, Cindy has a fantastic LYS (local yarn store) that makes me miss the one I used to frequent in Canada (see - Canada wasn't all snow and cold!!).  You know the sort of store I mean - one you could browse in for ages, chat to the owner, sit down on the sofa and do some crochet, get help with said crochet (I was a beginner at the time and always stuck!!), get ideas for presents and excuses to buy more yarn .....

Oh, how I miss that store!  And Cindy's posts about her LYS just highlighted my current lack of a really good LYS.  I'm sure they exist over here, just haven't found one yet.

Look what she and some of her friends from her LYS sent me ...

Gorgeous alpaca yarn from Groovy Girl Yarn Shop in Kokomo, Indiana.  The yarn is a gift from Cindy Bee, Granny Bee, Reality Jane and Groovy Girl after they read one of my comments on Cindy's blog about her yarn stash and my lack of a good LYS!  Thank you ladies, your gift cheered me up so much and I'm really looking forward to being able to get the crochet hook out again soon to make something fabulous with this yarn!

On the health front things are slowly looking up!  I'm not back at work yet but I should be by the beginning of September and, in the meantime, I'm starting to do more round the house including some small sewing jobs (just some mending and a little bit of serging on the bottom edge of that skirt I made way back at the beginning of June - who knows, it may even get hemmed by the end of the month!!). 

Just taking it slowly right now and working my way through my mental list of Things that Really Need Doing ....   

Next on the list is making a cuppa!!


  1. What gorgeous friends you have to send you that yarn! How fabulous to have found a shop like that to mentor you through your crochet beginnings, a treasure. Your chutney looks great..just the thing with cold meats..they have plenty of nice ones in Germany I would think.

  2. Well look at that yummy yarn and it made it all the way to your house! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and you are feeling better. I do have a great time when I go to the yarn store. I didn't get to go to Ripple Tuesday tonight though because we were laying tile. I need to update the house blog. So much to do....
    Chutney huh? I just never know what to do with it.

    Cindy Bee

  3. I can almost smell those plums from here! What a great present, glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better too.

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