Saturday, 4 August 2012

Postcard from Bad Wimpfen

Last weekend we met up with some friends near Heilbronn ... about a 90-minute drive south of here.  

While we were in the area we visited the medieval town of Bad Wimpfen and I took a few photos (far fewer than normal as my DSLR is very heavy and my arm didn't want to play for long).

It really is a very pretty town up on a hill overlooking the Neckar river 
(sorry - no snaps of that; my arm had given up by then).

Love the little details!

I elected not to climb the tower preferring to sit in the square below with a glass of local wine instead!!  Made complete sense to me!

Germany really is very picturesque; there are lots of little places like this with half-timbered houses and cobbled streets.  

This one just happens to be in a wine-producing area (why else do you think we were there?!).


  1. Great weekend, great wine, food, company and views.

  2. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! You made perfect sense to me too! Relax and enjoy the wine. I wish I could meet you there - I need it! I've been thinking about you and hoping your arm would be getting better. Darn....
    My knee is fine, btw, just severely bruised. It gives out now and then, but I think it will heal.
    Take care,
    Cindy Bee

  3. Postcard perfect pictures!!! Looks and sounds like a wonderful place to visit...

  4. Wow Fiona! Those buildings are so imposing aren't they? They intrigue me and yet I wouldn't want to live there as they remind me of all the darkeness of a medieval fairy tale!

  5. Awesome photos! They are each as pretty as a postcard!

  6. Thanks Fiona for your informative comment, I have taken the opportunity to amend the text. I appreciate your taking the time to correct my silly error.