Friday, 31 August 2012

Signs of Life

Newsflash!  There will very possibly be some sewing going on round these parts in the near future!  

It's taken me nearly 2 weeks to get the pieces cut out (not a great activity for someone with an arm that isn't quite right yet) and to decide how I'm going to substitute some of the interfacings I don't have in stock, but I'm just about there now.  I'm using up some fabric from my stash and trying out a new pattern.

Of course, the fact that piping is involved and I've never piped anything in my life could potentially lead to some procrastination, but on the whole I'm in the mood to do some sewing so the minor fact that  I don't appear to own a piping foot probably won't stop me giving it a go.

Whilst I've been cutting out this bag, I've been doing some other bits and bobs too.  The skirt that I made back at the start of June has finally been hemmed and is going to be worn to work next week (if the weather warms up, that is!).  I've also worked my way through some mending and I tidied up a huge pile of accumulated stuff.

I want to try some crochet soon too ... I'm just not sure how good an idea that is for my arm.  And then there's that cardi I was knitting for my niece's Christmas present that I started early (in April!) so it would be ready in time to post to Oz ... of course that's not been touched during the last two months of complete inactivity round here and now possibly won't be ready on time.  Hmmm.

The last few months have been mind-numbingly boring.  I've read a lot, watched more TV than is healthy and generally done nothing much.  And of course the weight has piled on ... it was already creeping up as I haven't been doing any dog-walking since Pip died back in January, but two months of inaction plus a good dose of steroids really did the trick.  So now I'm trying to lose it all again and get fit - lots of walking (9 km today!) plus regular pilates sessions ... 

... I'm really not sure I have time for crafting, let alone work!!


  1. So glad you are on the mend, Fiona!!! Don't let the lack of a piping foot deter you from tackling piping. I used a zipper foot many times, before I purchased a piping foot.

  2. So glad to hear from you! I sure wish that arm would get healthy again. I totally understand about the weight thing. I keep thinking when we get moved I'll start walking the dogs and maybe it'll help. I just need motivation.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Glad to hear that you are getting back into your sewing. I often use my zipper foot instead of the piping foot too and never have a problem. Looking forward to seeing your bag in all its glory :)

  4. So nice to hear from you again Fiona! I hope your arm will be well soon and you can sew better! x Teje

  5. So lovely to see that you can finally get back into a little bit of crafting again!

  6. Aha! I was going to recommend the zipper foot too... and as so many of your blog friends have recommended it, you have NO excuses any more! Glad to see you're a bit more active again. Sara xx

  7. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Can't wait to see the new bag!

  8. How exciting to see the crafty stuff surfacing again. Glad your arm is better - do still take it easy though. Love the B&W and red combo. 9k!! Wow! Good going you! xxx

  9. Great to see you are getting back into your work - we have missed your lovely bags (& crochet, & knitting).