Thursday, 20 September 2012

Knitting Progress

Progress is slowly being made on the cardigan for my niece.  This will look much better once blocked - when I stretch it out the pattern panels look much prettier.  If I'm lucky I'll finish the front today (there's only 20 odd stitches per row and about 20 rows left) and then I've just got two sleeves and some sewing.  This should be ready to post to Australia in time for Christmas ... fingers crossed!

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Another Block

This is one of the July blocks for my afghan crochet along.  Still another one to do for July, but as they're taking me a long time and I'm knitting my niece's cardi too it might take a while for the other one to materialise, let alone those for August and September!

The block is the Eyelet Lace Square by Chris Simon (Ravelry link).  I loved making this one.

I've got a small sewing project underway too, but that doesn't seem to be falling into the 'fun' category at the moment, so it's taking far longer than it should.  I did the piping and now have a couple of zips to do before the whole thing comes together ... maybe next week.

Otherwise I've been doing lots of walking (this week I've already clocked up 28 km) and pilates and it is slowly paying off.  I've lost a few kilos and far more importantly 5 cm from my hips (plenty more there to work on!!).  

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A small bit of crochet

Terrible iPhone photo - the colours are all wrong.

I started this block for my block a month crochet along on 3 June .. nearly got it finished and then life happened.  Just added the last two rounds as a bit of a test to see whether I can crochet again (er ... no!).  I'm not wild about this one but it's nice to finish it and I will block it straight at some point when I have a few more ready.

It's the Moroccan Tile square by Nancy Fuller (Ravelry link).

I went back to work this week and my arm is complaining.  The blocks for July, August and September will just have to wait!