Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A small bit of crochet

Terrible iPhone photo - the colours are all wrong.

I started this block for my block a month crochet along on 3 June .. nearly got it finished and then life happened.  Just added the last two rounds as a bit of a test to see whether I can crochet again (er ... no!).  I'm not wild about this one but it's nice to finish it and I will block it straight at some point when I have a few more ready.

It's the Moroccan Tile square by Nancy Fuller (Ravelry link).

I went back to work this week and my arm is complaining.  The blocks for July, August and September will just have to wait!


  1. Beautiful design and colors...if the colors are off, as you say!

  2. That is a really lovely block. Very Kasbah inspired :)

  3. For someone who says they can't crochet yet the last two rows are way neater than mine would be, and I have no excuse! Sounds like you are feeling a fair bit better if you are attempting crochet too. Glad to hear it.

  4. The last two rows look fine to me. Crocheting and going to work must mean you are on the mend... good to hear. Take care!

  5. Lovely block design! These injuries take so long to heal don't they, I hope you are able to rest it more so it recovers more. Thank you for your best wishes for my husband..he phoned and is recovering well. I'll see him tonight.

  6. Well doggoneit Fiona I wish your arm would stop complaining and start working. I actually really like that square. I think it's gorgeous. Can't wait to see them all together.

    Cindy Bee