Thursday, 18 October 2012

Another Favourite

The last of my July squares for Ravelry's 2012 BAMCAL.   I think this is another of my favourites and it was really easy to make.   This is Julie Yeager's Eight Pointed Flower (Ravelry link).  Now I'm just three months behind!!

The good news is that progress might be a bit quicker soon as I have something resembling a cardigan ready to sew together (I hate this part of the job) and be sent off on its way to Australia, hopefully before the last posting date for Christmas.

And look - there's evidence of sunshine in this photo!!  I'm happy to say that we've got an Indian summer starting here.  My weather station tells me it's 17 degrees (balmy!) and it's still climbing ... so later this afternoon I'm going for a long walk in the hills round here.  Looks like it will hold over the weekend too and into next week - maybe not quite as warm, but definitely sunny!!  Makes a nice change from all that grey, damp, muddy weather we've been having.

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  1. Your crochet is so neat, I can only dream of such uniformity! Enjoy your walk.

  2. Love that block! Your work is perfection!

  3. Hi Fiona..I still love that gorgeous blue will look so beautiful on. The star block is really bold isn't it..fabulous!

  4. Oh what a beautiful square! I love it, the color combination looks perfect! Thank you for the link to pattern.
    Your cardigan will coming out wonderfully. I really hate the sewing knitted pieces together, that's why I always choose the knitting in the round patterns only. But you did wonderful work, the receiver will be thrilled for sure!
    Hope you are enjoying a great weekend.
    Best, LS

  5. Sorry Fiona, I missed this! Been a bit busy... Cardi looks lovely and you-know-who will be thrilled! Well done. Sara x

  6. Oh Fiona I love both the square and the cardi. You seriously made that cardi for someone else? Are you crazy?!?!! I don't think I could put that much work into something and give it away. (sigh) I guess I'm a bit selfish...

    Cindy Bee

  7. Seriously, these word verifications are getting harder. It took my four tries for that last comment. You don't have to approve this comment, I just wanted to let you know. I don't understand why they are getting so hard. Cindy