Sunday, 7 October 2012

Postcard from Florence

Florence skyline - Ponte Vecchio on the left and the Campanile and Duomo on the right.

We came back middle of last week from a 10-day trip to Italy - 4 days in Florence and then we hired a car and drove round Tuscany and Umbria.  Great food, fabulous wine and wonderful scenery. Thought I'd share a few photos!

Ponte Vecchio

One of several copies of Micheangelo's David around town... we didn't join the queues to see the real thing in the Accademia.

There are lots of churches - this one is Santa Maria Novella.  
Don't think we've ever visited so many churches in such a short time!

And we climbed both the Campanile (bell tower) and the dome (above, seen from the Campanile) in one day ... that's a total of 878 steps!!  (Good for the glutes, I'm told!)

Italy being Italy there were Vespas everywhere!!

More photos from Italy soon!  I've about another 500 to go through!

Sadly having had some of my photos pinched and used on other people's websites without being credited to me, I've been forced to add watermarks.  


  1. Looks like you had perfect weather for the trip, Fiona. It's a shame some of your photos have been copied and used without your permission. Sadly, I think some people feel it's fair game if it's online.

  2. It is sad that people want credit for other people's work. I really enjoyed Kevin McLeod's special tv presentation on domes, it must have been exciting to go up inside one of the classics yourself. I love that photo of the Ponte Vecchio..the mood of the water and the bridge itself are magnificent. My daughter lived in Milan for a while and said that the streets are so narrow in many places that all you could fit there are Vespas...and maybe those tiny Fiats! Thank you for sharing your trip with us and I look forward to more photos from it. Have a lovely week Fiona. xox

  3. Yea! I got wifi just in time to see your pics from Italy! We didn't climb the bell tower. We were only in Florence for one day. We didn't see the real David either. Stood in line for 45 minutes and the line didn't even move! We did go through that beautiful right in the middle of town though. Gorgeous! I'm going to tell my Sister to check out your blog. Makes me want to go back!

    Cindy Bee

  4. Lindas fotos Fiona.
    Linda semana.

  5. Beautiful photos! What an awesome place! Definitely on my list of places I will travel to...eventually.

  6. Fabulous photos, sounds like a wonderful trip. We visited Florence many years ago in the baking heat of August, would love to go back in the Autumn having seen your photos.

    Shame that people think they can lift your photos without any attribution. If they are good enough to lift they are good enough to be acknowledged!

  7. Love the vacation photos...sounds like a great trip! Buy any yarn? :D

  8. Such beautiful pictures. Florence has always been on my "hmmm" list, rather than a must-visit, but these are making me waver.

    Just what I need on a dreary October evening, thank you!

    (Also sorry to hear about your pictures - rubbish!)