Monday, 15 October 2012

Postcard from ... Perugia

Piazza IV Novembre

Possibly my favourite stop on our recent trip to Italy was Perugia.  It's the capital of the Umbria region (next door to Tuscany) and was just beautiful.  It's one of the few places that Andy has been to on business and said he absolutely had to take me back to .... it took a while, but we finally made it.  

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

The weather was a little bit iffy for the two days we were there, so we bought a ticket to all the museums and went and looked at some amazing frescoes.  Sadly no photography was allowed and this was strictly enforced, so I can't show you the incredibly vivid colours on some very old art.  Believe me, it was stunning - especially the frescoes in the Nobile Collegio del Cambio (Guild of Money Changers!).

Via dell Acquedotto

The heart of the old town is on top of a hill and is quite flat to walk round which was a relief as my legs needed to recover from climbing the towers in Florence!  But wander away from the centre and there were lots and lots of steps!

Looking down at the view from Porta Marzia

Perugia's other claim to fame is its chocolate (Baci).  The town holds a chocolate festival every year ... in fact it's on this weekend, so we timed our visit very badly indeed!  We didn't go and do the factory tour because Andy's already seen the factory (part of his business trip) and the probability was I wouldn't be able to eat the chocolate!

Next stop ... Siena!


  1. I'm with you on the chocolate, Fiona. I wouldn't cope with just looking... LOL!!! Looks like a beautiful old town, with lots of its heritage preserved.

  2. I visited Haigh's chocolate factory in Adelaide a few years back..and no, I couldn't resist buying a tidy heap of's the smell that gets to you! I love the photo of the curve of steps leading down the hill...very romantic.

  3. Fabulous photos Fiona, those steps would certainly give you a workout. Ideal for working off chocolate though!

  4. What? No chocolate? You poor thing. I would have had tons of it with red wine...mmmmmm....sounds yummy right now. I do remember lots of hills and stairs in Sienna too. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Love it.

    Cindy Bee