Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Postcard from Pisa

Battistero di San Giovanni, Pisa

Our last stop before the airport was Pisa.  We had had enough of churches, bell towers and baptistries by this point and didn't join the hordes queuing for tickets this time.  Instead we walked through in the rain, stopped at a nearby restaurant for lunch and headed back to the car just in time .. those dark skies above were the approaching thunder storm which broke just after we got into the car!

Duomo, Santa Maria Assunta, Pisa with the leaning tower (campanile) in the background

Well, that's it for my tour round Tuscany.  We visited many other lovely places, but I think I've probably shared enough photos!


  1. Thank you Fiona, for sharing these marvellous classical buildings with us! They may be common to Europeans but in Australia they're not. It's been great to get your perspective as you've travelled around.

  2. Fiona...never enough pictures, especially of Italy. Pisa looks awesome. I think I need to go there. What a great trip you had. If the mood strikes, share more.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Photos of Italy will always brighten my day. Love Pisa, the leaning tower is even more amazing in real life!