Friday, 16 November 2012

Quilt Progress

It really is hard to get a decent photo at the moment - this week has been very, very grey and dull.  Typical November weather.

The quilt above is hand-pieced and is now in the process of being hand quilted (yawn!).  My turn this time to babysit the quilt between our fortnightly quilting meetings and I think this means I'm actually supposed to do some quilting ... haven't so far, but I thought if I got the quilt out of the bag there was more chance of it getting done.  Our next meeting isn't until next Wednesday .....!

I've got the perfect excuse though ... I had to finish a blanket I've been crocheting as a Christmas present (got to get your priorities straight!).  I sewed in the last ends last night, so now I'm free to do something different.

This quilt is going to be auctioned for charity in February, so we really do need to get it finished!!  I think I can safely say that hand piecing and hand quilting are a bit too slow for me ... when I eventually get round to making my first quilt (and I keep saying I'm going to!) it will definitely be machine sewn!  


  1. Very beautiful quilting !!! (^.^)/"""
    I miss my quilting also,just no time for it lately...(;*.*;)"""

  2. I hear you Fiona! I started one back in the 1980s and my Mother In Law finished it for me in the 2000's. Oh yeah - not the MIL I had when I started it either! LOL! That quilt is going to be gorgeous!

    Cindy Bee

  3. It will be very beautiful when finished and I hope it makes a good amount of money for your charity. I am not sure I could attempt to make a whole quilt by hand either..thank God for sewing machines!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! When I saw the photo, I thought you'd done the whole thing yourself.

  5. Hand pieced and quilted that is dedication or madness, not sure which :)

  6. It's beautiful. I love the colours. I'm semi-working on a quilt at the moment .... semi because it's taking forever and I keep getting sidetracked by crochet projects. I'm machine quilting mine ... my mother hand quilts but I don't have the patience!!

  7. The quilt is gorgeous...I admire quilters...i am sorry to say but i don't have the patience...
    Need to come back to your blog and look at all of of those beautiful photos from Italy...the food looks yum!