Monday, 4 March 2013

Packing our Bags (Again!)

There hasn't been much happening round here lately.  Fact is we've been expecting to be on the move again since the end of last year and have been sorting through all of our accumulated stuff to weed out what we don't use any more in an attempt to downsize.  

Of course, plans have a habit of not working out quite as you expect them to and our destination has changed since we started planning to move last autumn.  Indeed, this time we're not actually moving house, but going on a short-term assignment (6-9 months) in the States.  So we're packing our bags rather than packing boxes ... it's refreshing because it means I can cross out about 60% of my normal moving To Do list, but on the other hand it also means we can't take as much with us (my sewing machine will be staying here)!

Our new destination is somewhere I've never been to, but Andy has been there on business quite a few times.  The photo above was taken from his hotel room on his last trip to St. Louis, Missouri several years ago.  I'm sure he was really snapping the sunrise, but he managed to get the Gateway Arch in too and it's one of the few photos he has of this city.  I've got my priorities straight .... as soon as I worked out where it is on the map the next thing I did was check there is a Whole Foods in St Louis (tick: gluten-free bagels, people!), then I googled for yarn and fabric stores (tick) and lastly I did some general research about the city.

Looking forward to being able to do some travelling around while we're there and maybe slowly get back into doing some crafting.  Won't be able to sew as I won't have my machine, but I've always wanted to try my hand at sashiko and there's always crochet and knitting.  I've identified some patterns and got the yarn so all I need is some spare time!  There has been precisely zero crafting this year so far - it's been driving me crazy but I've had so many back problems that it really hasn't been possible.  


  1. You've got your priorities right, Fiona, checking out the fabric stores, but, oh, no sewing machine for 6 months. I hope your back and neck allow you to explore the sashiko, as well as knitting and crafting. I won't Google sashiko. Instead I'll wait till you post about it. Hmmm... I vaguely remember reading something, somewhere. It may have even been here, but if I have, I've totally forgotten what it is. Good luck with the move.

  2. OH EMM GEEE! I can't believe you are temporarily 'moving' to the states! We are going to have to meet! It's about an 8 hour drive I think. When I saw that picture on my sidebar I thought...that looks like the St. Louis arch...but it can't be....and it is! And Pam's right, you do have your priorities straight!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Gosh what a turnabout Fiona! Does this mean the next move within Europe is off or just postponed?

    Definitely with you on checking out the fabric and yarn shops, you will have a ball :)