Friday, 22 March 2013

Spring Sewing

Spring is officially here, but no-one seems to have informed the weather!  It's getting colder again and more snow is expected this weekend.  However I have a touch of spring indoors with these tulips that my students gave me yesterday.  It was my last morning teaching before we head to the US in a few weeks.

I'm going to spend those weeks getting to know my new sewing machine:

It is really very good and hasn't taken as much getting used to as I thought it might, although to be fair I haven't tried out all its gizmos.

I whipped up a purse just to test it out!

Just the right size for passport and phone and a few other bits and bobs.  Made using the Keyka Lou (Michelle Patterns) zip pocket pouch pattern.

Then I tried out the quilting foot and it works like a dream - no more issues with 1/4" seams as the foot has a built-in fabric guide.  Perfect (well, apart from my substandard ironing - but I can fix that!).

I think a new iPad sleeve is next on the list.  If anyone wants me, I'm sewing!!


  1. Hi Fiona, the new sewing machine looks good... Mum's old one went into the repair shop a few weeks ago and may have to be trashed, all because a tiny screw that is crucial to its operations appears to have sheared off in its hole and we can't get it out! I will be so sad to be without a sewing machine *sniff* so my fingers are tightly crossed. Good luck with yours: nice to see a post, nice to see tulips!

  2. Hi looks like your new machine does all the things you were looking for and more. It is very clever. I do love your new red purse, it is a great size and shape..and yummy colour!

  3. It must feel good to be back sewing again, Fiona. Love both the style of the purse and the fabric. The weather over here is crazy, too. Lots of hot days when it should be cooling down substantially. Today was like it was Summer. Enjoy playing with your new machine!!!

  4. Ooo - nice sewing machine and what a lovely first project.

  5. No Spring here yet either.

    Looks like your new machine is going to work out just fine. I have a Keyka Lou pattern but not yet tried it, your lovely purse might just be the inspiration I need!

    Good luck with the move.

  6. Nice stuff you just "whipped up"! Looks like you are going to get along just fine with your new sewing machine. I love the tulips. Beautiful! We are expecting a huge snow storm tomorrow. I hope they are wrong.

    Cindy Bee

  7. Happy Easter Fiona! Hope you have a wonderful break and trip to the US. (Those tulips are gorgeous)


  8. Your fabric and purse look very nice! I am a first timer to your blog.