Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Just Quickly...

... there is some packing to do as our air freight leaves tomorrow and we should be on a flight on Friday, so there really isn't time to unpack my camera and take photos!  But still!!

This is a wee zip pouch that I made for the neighbour who will be keeping an eye on my mail box over the next few months.  I've arranged a redirect but there'll still be all those annoying free papers and advertisements that get left despite my polite notice asking them not to.  Love the Klimt-style design of the fabric!

And I obviously needed a new iPad sleeve for the trip, didn't I?  I made this a little larger than the last one, so that I can keep a few more bits in there.  Made in a practical cotton canvas that has been in my stash for yonks using the laptop sleeve instructions in You Sew Girl's laptop bag pattern.  The binding is better than the last one I made ... not sure if that's down to practice or the new machine.

Sadly the new machine has been packed away and some yarn projects have been selected to go in the air freight.  In just a few days time I'll be getting over jet lag in St Louis and pondering what to do next ... I reckon I'll be playing tourist for a while, so watch this space for some photo posts!

Auf Wiedersehen!


  1. Safe travels! Love those projects - especially the little zip purse!

  2. LOVE the fabric you used on the zip purse!!! All the best settling in to the new place..

  3. The Klimt-y fabric is gorgeous!! Love the new projects. have a safe trip and looking forward to hearing about your adventures Stateside.

  4. I am amazed that you're still sewing so close to your deadlines...beautiful work! See you in St Louis! {Virtually!}

  5. You were cutting it fine! Hope the travel all went well and that you are already enjoying being a tourist!