Saturday, 20 April 2013

Postcard from St. Louis

Old Courthouse with Gateway Arch behind. The water in the fountain has a pink tinge - remnants of the red dye they put in last weekend for the start of the baseball season (red is the local team's colour!)

Greetings from sunny St. Louis!!  We've been here a full week now and we're still exploring.  St. Louis isn't a big city - I'm told it has roughly the same population as Frankfurt but spread over a much larger area.  

Would you like to see some of the sights?

Gateway Arch

The arch was completed in 1965 and is made from stainless steel which glints beautifully in the sun.  There are two trams that go up inside the legs of the arch and there is a viewing platform at the top.  The arch is the focal point of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial ... underneath the arch is a museum which celebrates the pioneers who left from St. Louis to explore westwards to the Pacific ocean.  

We haven't yet been up to the top of the arch, but it's definitely on our list!

Busch Stadium

Baseball seems almost to be a religion round here.  The local team is the Cardinals and they seem to be very successful.  We live right across from the ball park, so we're going to learn a lot about baseball in the next few months!!  

City Garden

There is an unbelievable number of sculptures in this city!

BB's Jazz Blues & Soups

St. Louis has a lot of jazz and blues clubs.  Last weekend we went to BB's with friends for some great music and fantastic ribs!  We'll definitely be going back there and we'll also be trying to get some tickets for Chuck Berry's gigs - he plays once a month at another local club and tickets sell out very quickly!

And I really can't post from St. Louis without a photo of the Mississippi:

The river really isn't all that picturesque (am I allowed to say that?!) and the opposite bank is quite industrial.  The river won't look this calm soon as we're expecting flooding.  We had a lot of rain during Thursday's storms, but upstream they had even more and all that water is now heading downstream to us.

There you have it.  I'll take some more photos soon!


  1. What a contrast this city is to Germany! It looks like you're settling in very well though and hopefully well out of the flood zone. Looking at the arch I never would have guessed that people could access it from the inside.

  2. Thanks for the great photos and information on St. Louis! Enjoy your time there.

  3. Sounds like a great new place to explore. Love the mask sculpture. I have to admit that I thought Chuck Berry was dead!

  4. The views and the arch are amazing! (that's coming from someone who's scared of heights).