Friday, 17 May 2013

Postcard from Memphis

Sunset over the mighty Mississippi

Last weekend we took some time out and drove south to Memphis.  There's a whole lot of not very much between St. Louis and Memphis - makes for a very easy 4-hour drive (especially if you're not the one driving!!).  As we drove across the bridge towards the city I wondered when the river was going to stop - it's far wider than in St. Louis and was very obviously higher than normal.  The trees in the photo above are not the opposite bank, they're just on an islet mid-river.

Beale Street

After getting drenched in a sudden downpour we explored Beale Street, home of the blues.  

Unsurprisingly it's full of blues clubs, bars and restaurants.  We had our first taste of Memphis-style BBQ on Beale Street ....yum!!!

Graceland Mansion 

You can't visit Memphis without a trip to Graceland (well, technically it probably is possible but we weren't going to miss out on the experience).  Mansion is a little bit grand name for it - it's really just a large house.

This is the first room you see and it was my favourite - those peacocks are just lovely!  The rest of the house was just as you'd expect - a little bit over the top and not in very good taste, but considering Elvis died in the '70's it was probably all the latest fashion back then! 

Above the pool table in the basement

A lot of the rooms were very dark and hard to photograph.  I did snap this fabric covered ceiling though - an amazing amount of fabric was pleated for this.  I really don't envy whoever had to install it all!  

Lots of gold records.

And more!

Elvis' Grave

The mansion was interesting to visit.  Then there were the airplanes, the car museum, various other exhibits covering his childhood in Tupelo and his time in Hawaii .... and the largest number of gift shops I have ever, ever seen squashed into quite a small area!  

We also visited Sun Studio and the Rock 'n' Soul museum.

And we had a really interesting tour round the Gibson guitar factory.

So, that was our weekend in Memphis!  Did I mention we liked the BBQ?  We might have to go back sometime for the food!!


  1. Hey Fiona, Very interesting trip. I went to Elvis' mansion years ago. Back in the 80's. I think it is a small house now, but back in the 60's it was considered big, for those times. We never got to go to the other places...sounds fun. I'm glad you are enjoying your time in the states.

    Cindy Bee

  2. I was stunned to see that the house is actually quite small compared to what I thought it was! That's one of the longest couches I've ever seen and his grave seems long as well. I agree the peacock room is the nicest and I certainly wouldn't like to be installing all that pleating either..or even living with it..hehe! It's been very interesting to read a non American's view of the country you've seen.

  3. Nothing like BBQ! And it's different in different parts of the country...Texas, North Carolina and the South...all a little bit different but oh, so good!! My favorite is a pulled pork sandwich with baked beans! Miss that great food now that I'm up North. Your weekend looked like so much fun. Keep the vaca pics comin'!!

  4. Tee hee. Looks like you had fun!

  5. Now my DH would love this trip and that is before he knew about the BBQ!

  6. Better BBQ in Kansas City! Just sayin!

  7. Hello Fiona,
    I am sorry for belated comment, I just caught up your blog and wanted to say ....
    I was surprised to see your post, and you stopped by Memphis that time.
    My husband and I got here Memphis just right after you visited there.... on May 28th or so....
    My hubby stations Millington base next to Memphis. That is why we moved here from JAPAN...
    and just the other day I went to the Beale street , it was the first time for me, and enjoyed to see around... (^.^)"""
    BTW, I love your many creation, especially you use Japanese kimono fabric for purse or something !!! Very CUTE !!!