Saturday, 25 May 2013

Postcard from St. Louis 4

A friend was over from the UK this week and she wanted to go on the river.  The boats leave from a dock not far from the arch ...

We were on the Tom Sawyer (the one on the right).  

I hadn't really realised how high the river is.  It's now dropped below road level which seemed quite normal - that is, until we spotted this statue!  It's called the 'Captain's Return' and it commemorates the return of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1806.  A few weeks ago this would definitely have been completely submerged!

There are some huge barges on this river!!

Looking north towards the new motorway bridge - Interstate 70 will cross the Mississippi here from sometime late next year and will reduce traffic coming across the bridge near our building.  Not that we'll still be here by then!

Not quite ready for traffic yet - the last piece will be craned in sometime next week!

There's a lot of industry on the Missouri side of the river.  This is looking south west towards the Anheuser-Busch brewery in the distance.  They do brewery tours, but I'm not sure that Andy categorises Budweiser as beer, so we almost definitely won't be doing that tour!  Luckily there are some excellent craft breweries in town!!

The river is a good vantage point to see the arch if you don't have a wide-angle lens!

Here is the downtown skyline from the boat.  I took a lot more photos, but I think I've probably shown you enough!!

Next week I'm heading back to Germany for a few weeks to check on our house and to collect a few things that we want over here.  I've got a quick trip to Munich planned to see friends and I may just be able to do a bit of sewing too!  

I'll be back mid-June.  Bye!


  1. I love the pictures of the river. I was thinking of the song..."rollin' on a river..." Ike and Tina Turner. The picture with the statue looks like a place in another country. Not the USA. It looks too old.

    And Oh my are going back to Germany...just like that? You are busy busy busy.

    Be safe.

    Cindy Bee

  2. I guess you'd have to be a bit careful on the river..watching out for submerged statues and the like..hehe! Germany in the summertime sounds like a great 'timeout'!

  3. Sounds like you all had a great time. Hope you have a good trip back to Germany and that everything there is in good order.