Tuesday, 18 June 2013

It's Not A Travel Post!!

Are you sitting down?  

I have actually done a little bit of crafting!!  When I was in Germany the other week I cut out a couple of projects and I even got round to sewing one of them.

OK - so I can sew these quite quickly without needing to follow any instructions.  They're incredibly easy to make and very handy as gifts!!

I rationalised not getting round to the blue fabric in a number of ways (I was very busy for the whole two weeks I was in Germany!)... but at least I have a project cut out and ready to go next time I'm there!  After all, deciding what to make and getting all the pieces cut out and interfaced is half the battle, isn't it?!

I got back to St. Louis last week after an eventful trip (I got stranded in Chicago for the night).  Now  I'm just about over the jet-lag and yesterday I decided it was time to start some crochet.

I've had this 100% silk yarn in my stash for about 18 months - it was always intended for a scarf / stole / shawl for me, but I was being indecisive about the pattern.  I've opted for one I've made before as a present for someone else rather than tackling a new pattern.  I'm looking forward to working on this - it's my first major crochet project since the osteopath fixed my neck / arm, so I'm going to try to take it easy!


  1. Lovely projects Fiona. The shawl will be beautiful and so handy on those cooler nights at the end of summer. The fabric you've used on the pouch is fresh and interesting.

  2. The pouch is lovely, gorgeous fabric. Can sympathise with the indecisiveness, I would get a lot more done if I didn't take so long to decide what to do :)

  3. Love that red bag, and the shawl is going to be beautiful.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Deciding on the fabrics to use takes me the longest time, with the cutting out a close second. LOVE the fabric on the purse, Fiona!!!

  5. The bag is so cute! Big enough for a sock project? Sorry...I think all bags are knitting bags. haha Love the silk yarn too, will make a lovely shawl. And you deserve something lovely!

  6. I've been meaning to start sewing some little bags like this this week. That crochet is beautiful. I don't have the patience for such thin yarn.

    Amanda Rose