Thursday, 6 June 2013

Postcard from Tierpark Hellabrunn

Afternoon nap!

I'm just back from a quick trip to Munich to visit friends.  I've been down there several times before and it always seems to rain - this time was no exception!  There was one dry afternoon though and we grabbed the chance to wander round the zoo.  It really is a very good zoo with animals grouped together as they would live in the wild.

This rhino for example is off to sort out those two peacocks ... they had been fighting, but the sight of a huge rhino soon put paid to that!

This little cutie is Naledi.  He is was born in March and is enjoying life in the stunning new giraffe house.    

But the absolute stars of the show for me were Yogi (behind) and Giovanna in the new polar bear enclosure.  These creatures are normally loners but on Tuesday they were being quite sociable.  There are hopes of a polar bear cub at some point in the future!  I was just amazed at being so close to these powerful and dangerous beasts and hoping that the glass panel between us and them was very, very strong!

They don't look like they are all that aggressive, do they?

Anyway, if you are ever in Munich I can heartily recommend a trip to Hellabrunn Zoo.  I'm not being paid for that bit of advertising, but I. The interests of full disclosure, my friend does work there!

All these photos were snapped on my phone as I didn't bring my camera over to Germany with me (I need suitcase space for craft projects!!).  Back to the US next week!


  1. Looks like a great day out, I always thought Polar Bears looked cuddly until I watched the recent Attenborough series :)

    Hope you have a good trip back to the US.

  2. We have a young family at church who have been in Australia nearly four years and are heading back to Munich in a few days. I'm sure they will love visiting that zoo with their kids!

  3. The giraffe is so sweet! Great phone photos!
    Travel safely.

  4. I love zoos. When my husband's boys were young, I'd take them to the zoo and they would have to drag me away!

    Cindy Bee