Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Summer Breeze

Finished, but not yet blocked!

I have finished crocheting my shawl, but it won't be blocked till I have more space; either when I go back to Germany to pack up my house there or when we move to a larger apartment here this autumn.    It needs to be blocked to open it up and reveal the pattern more clearly - the border is spectacular when blocked.  

So this won't be worn for a while ... mind you, in this heat who needs a shawl?  

The pattern is Summer Breeze by Eclat du Soleil and is available from Annette Petavy and I've made it once before in the larger size as a present.  But this one is mine!!  I used a 100% mulberry silk yarn called Precious from The Natural Dye Studio in Devon and it was lovely to work with.

So, I've actually managed to finish a crochet project this year ... at last!  Time to find a yarn store and plan the next project!


  1. Looks gorgeous Fiona looking forward to seeing the border in all its glory :)

  2. I know where there is a yarn store...but it's a few hours drive! Shawl is absolutely stunning, as is all of your projects. Wow! Really stunning..I just had another look. So, how are you feeling about this move? I just read your e-mail tonight.

    Cindy Bee

  3. It looks great, Fiona. Any time you have nothing on your crochet hook and fancy running one up for your big sister...! Let's not talk about the fact that I should probably do one for myself :-)

  4. That's gorgeous, I love the colour too. Ooo just read it's made with silk - VERY NICE!


  5. Muito, muito lindo.