Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Countdown to Moving

There really hasn't been much productive going on here lately ... and there won't be for the foreseeable future as I'm disappearing back to Germany soon to arrange our 'more permanent' move over here.  More permanent because we'll be here in sunny St. Louis for longer than the original 6 months ... but our moves are never anywhere near permanent.  I think we managed 3 years in one place once!  We have a dream of staying somewhere for a really long time (you know, five years or so!), but Andy's work never allows it and you've got to go where the work is!

I did get round to some crochet last week in front of the TV. This little bag is a pattern called The Crocodile Stitch Bag by Zoom Yummy   I used up some spare yarn I happened to have with me.  The pattern gives very detailed instructions and was very easy to make.  Next time I'm around a sewing machine I'll add a lining with the odd pocket and maybe a magnetic snap closure... I'm not a fan of knitted / crochet bags without linings as I think they tend to sag out of shape very quickly.

Right - back to my spreadsheet (yawn!).  Have you ever tried to list everything you own when you're not at home to see what you've missed?