Friday, 6 December 2013

I'm Back!

We moved in about 3 weeks ago and slowly our apartment is getting sorted out.  The realities of moving to a small apartment mean that my sewing table is now in the guest bedroom, but at least I still have a dedicated table.  

The sewing machine is already in use - I made a blanket for my mate, Mack, who comes to visit and isn't allowed to sit on my leather sofa.  He doesn't quite understand that yet, but I'll forgive him as he's a real cutie and I think he'll know the blanket is for him, don't you?!

Mack - adorable, isn't he?! (And yes, he knows it!)

The next project will be for me and I bought some lovely cheerful fabric to take my mind off winter (it's snowing outside right now - not my favourite weather):

The one on the left is an Alexander Henry design (Oska) and the one on the right is Michael Miller's Stitch Circles.  They are destined to be a simple lap blanket for me.

We get some great sunsets here - this is a photo from the old apartment just before I moved - it's also the best I've seen Andy's office building looking!!