Friday, 2 May 2014


There's been some sewing going on round here this week!  This is a finished (and well-used) lap duvet using instructions from the Purl Bee.  The quilting is very subtle ... too subtle to really see in this photo.  It's been so useful as the weather doesn't really know what it's doing - our heating is off now but sometimes it's a bit chilly in the evening and this is perfect to snuggle under in front of the telly!

Three purses waiting for their frames!  This is a Nicole Mallalieu pattern that I've used many times before.  I always get to this point (when the sewing is done!) and everything grinds to a halt - I hate glueing the frames on and always need another pair of hands, so hopefully Andy will help out this weekend.  There is no way I can wrangle a purse into the frame on my own without getting glue all over the fabric and that would be a shame, especially as I've used some of my favourite Japanese fabrics on two of these.

I've had some fabric deliveries this week and this rose fabric is my favourite of the new fabrics.  I also got a new purse pattern and frame.  Given how much I hate the gluing process, Andy was a bit bemused that I chose a frame with three bits to glue ... but I wasn't thinking about practicalities when I ordered it; I just liked it!!  

I also ordered some clamshell purses (no sewing required, just lots of glue!) and a sashiko kit, so I've lots to keep me busy.  And I've ordered a new book of bag patterns that should be here shortly ...


  1. Fiona - I'll email you with some glueing tips... It's actually not that difficult if you hold the purse and frame in a certain way (something I show in classes... but you're such an old and faithful maker of my patterns, so I'll tell you!)

  2. I hat the gluing part too there ought to be a better way to attach those frames! Your bags are lovely I hope the extra pair of hands does the trick. Congratulations on finishing the lap quilt too, it sounds like you completed it at just the right time.
    Looking forward to seeing the outcome of all of your retail activity soon too :)

  3. Great to see you back and sewing, Fiona! Love the gorgeous fabric in the lap quilt and the front standing purse.