Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Here's One I Keep Forgetting...

This little purse simply doesn't excite me - probably something to do with all the trouble I had making it, but it got left on one side a lot and only got its frame glued on last weekend.

The pattern is this one and it gave me lots of problems.  To cut a long story short (because it got me quite mad) the printed pattern that I was sent with the purse kit wasn't printed to the correct scale and came out on the large side.  I contacted the designer and one of her team sent me a digital version with instructions to print at 100% which I duly did and guess what, the damn thing was exactly the same size as the one I had received in the post.  So after some major procrastination I pfaffed about rescaling it and finally got it right.

I was ready to throw in the towel at that point but eventually got back round to it and started making the purse.  That is until I got to step 7 in the instructions - the bit about making a flat bottom in the lining - when everything ground to a halt.  I tried to pin the thing the way it said, but I couldn't get the material to replicate the photo.  I tried many, many times; I emailed the designer but didn't get much further with her advice and finally I hit rock bottom and asked Andy, my engineer husband, if he could make it work!  

He said it had to be bad if I were asking him about sewing patterns (don't I know it!)! He agreed that the instructions were unclear and we cobbled something together that does the job and doesn't look too bad. Once I stopped paying attention to the instructions things started to improve.  In fact, I'm really not sure why there was any attempt to create a flat bottom in the lining as the purse outer doesn't have one and it's quite tight in there - you wouldn't notice a flat bottom even if it had one!

Enough said. - It's a fairly cute little purse; it just wasn't the best sewing experience!  


  1. Thanks for an honest review of the pattern, Fiona! Ha, ha... If I had to ask my husband for help with sewing... forget it. Turned out cute in the end.

  2. I think your little purse turned out really cute. Too bad it was such a struggle to make. I'd be sunk since I'm not that good of a seamstress, as you are, and my husband wouldn't bother to look at the pattern!

    Cindy Bee