Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Here are a few snaps taken today at the butterfly house, a local attraction that I've been meaning to get to for ... how long have we lived here? ... about two years!

I'm generally not a fan of insects, but I can pretend that they're not just a prettier version of moths (which I detest).  Not a fan of them landing on me though!!

I was a bit confused to start with as there were lots of bright blue butterflies flitting around the butterfly house and they never seemed to settle on the vegetation for me to photograph them ... then I realised that only the topside of the wings was blue; the underside is brown.  It blends in particularly well against tree trunks, but that didn't make for a good photo!

Those blue blurs are the blue butterflies in flight (yes, I could have changed my camera settings, but I didn't!).

I liked this one!

Not quite as stunning but it posed for its photo, so why not!?!

The flowers were pretty too!

I'm trying to get out and about with my camera more this summer as we're planning a photo holiday in Utah this autumn and I need to get used to carrying my camera gear or I'll really suffer.  So, lots more photos coming up!!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Photos from St. Louis' Zoo

Last weekend we took advantage of the nice weather and, along with several thousand other people, visited the zoo.  St. Louisans are very proud that there are no entrance fees to many of the city's major attractions: the zoo, the art museum, the science museum and the Missouri history museum ... the downside of this is that they are all packed, most of the time.

It's a hard life being a big cat!

Maybe they were up late partying the night before?

Who knew that digesting breakfast was such hard work?!?

That's more like it!!

Phew!  I was beginning to think they'd all been given sedatives!

Elsewhere the animals seemed a bit more awake....


And that's all of the elephant that I could get into frame with my telephoto lens!!

It was nice to get out and about with my camera for the first time in ages ... hoping to take many more photos this summer and get back to some crafts soon!