Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Postcard from San Francisco


I recently returned from a quick trip to San Francisco.  Andy had to work there for a few days and we stayed on for the weekend.  I've been to San Francisco before but not for many years, so this was a chance to see some of the sights we missed on previous visits including the famous island prison of Alcatraz.  It was a fascinating place to go to and one of the best tours we've done in the US - well worth every penny of the entrance fee.  We did a guided walk up the hill with one of the park rangers who gave us the history of the many escape attempts and then an audio tour of the prison building before wandering around the island and catching the boat back.  Loved it!

Then there was the obligatory cable car ride.  This is the end of the line at Hyde Street where the cable cars are turned around on a turntable.  It's really hard these days to take photos while you're on the cable car as they are just too crowded.  From memory though, photos of those steep hills never quite look as impressive as the real thing ... believe me though, those hills are incredibly steep!!

Japanese Tea Garden 

I loved the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.  It was very peaceful but maybe that was just because I got there at opening time!

Sculpture by Keith Haring

I also visited the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.  The drab exterior of the building was much improved by this Keith Haring sculpture.

Bay Bridge panorama at sunrise

One morning we got up early to see sunrise over Bay Bridge.... a beautiful sight.  I probably have 50 more photos almost identical to this one.

I only took photos of the scenic side of San Francisco.  It is a lovely city to visit, but there is also an ugly side.  The homeless situation, which appalled me back in 2006, is much worse.  In particular I was struck by the proportion of homeless people with quite obvious mental health issues.  It really was quite distressing.  The US is a great place to live if you have money, but if you don't .....

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  1. Fabulous photos as always Fiona! I visited San Francisco for work a few years ago and my husband came with me, so whilst I went to work he got to visit Alcatraz and Sausilito! I think I got that wrong somehow :)