Thursday, 15 October 2015

Seoul Bag a.k.a. My New Summer Handbag!

My timing with this bag is lousy ... my new summer handbag is ready just as autumn starts!  Yet worse, it was supposed to have been my summer handbag for 2014.  The pieces were cut out in June last year and have been languishing on my craft table ever since!!  No real reason except that there was one part of the pattern that I thought might be really hard to do (it wasn't) and so I put the project aside.

The pattern is from The Better Bag Maker by Nicole Mallalieu and it's the third pattern I've made from this book (see here and here for the other two).  There's one more project I might make from this book if I can find the right feature fabric ... it's quite hard finding good fabric round these parts!  The rose fabric for this project is a Japanese cotton that I bought online last year.  I love it and wish I'd bought more than one yard as it's now unavailable.

I think this bag is going to be really practical - I can fit an iPad, glasses case and all the other stuff I cart around with me in there no problem. In addition to those two pockets on the front (not sure I'll be putting much in those), there a zip pocket on the back of the bag and zipped pockets inside.  

Now, I just need summer to roll round again!!


  1. It is lovely Fiona. Isn't it annoying when you have put something off because it looks difficult and it turns out to be much easier than you thought! Still at least you know for next time :)

  2. I like that bag! So far it's one of my favorites that you've made. I'm all for summer rolling around again! You need to find a quilting store to get some good fabric.

    Cindy Bee

  3. You finished it. Yay!!! I love that red fabric with the denim, Fiona - a beautiful bag!!! And you know I can totally relate about procrastinating.