Thursday, 10 March 2016

Postcard from Montreal

Place Jacques-Cartier

We've just come back from a chilly week in Montreal where temperatures dipped to -20C (-28C in the wind).  It's a place I've long wanted to visit, preferably at a warmer time of year!  However, we weren't there for pleasure but to get our visas renewed at the US consulate and, sadly, the visa expiry date determined when we had to be there, so we did Montreal in the snow (and thermals, down jackets etc...!).

Near the Basilica

I didn't take many photos because taking my gloves off to snap pictures seemed like a recipe for frostbite and on the coldest days I only walked in La Ville Souterraine; a network of underground tunnels connecting major buildings and metro stations - not very picturesque.

Hotel de Ville

We have to go back to Montreal at some point in the near future to conclude the visa saga (don't ask!), so I'm hoping for better temperatures and the opportunity to see and photograph a little more of the city.

This sculpture made me smile.  It is one of a pair that stand either side of a bank building in the old town.  This is 'the French poodle' and the other was 'the English pug' - I didn't manage to get a good photo of the Englishman holding the pug sadly.

Inside the Basilica

The trip was a good opportunity to play around with my new point-and-shoot camera.  It's my photography solution for when I physically can't carry my heavy SLR and all the lenses.  It seems to perform quite well and it has some cool effects like the fisheye effect on the photo above which I preferred to the normal view of the same scene!

I've seen a lot of French churches and cathedrals and none of them were the riot of colour that was the interior of Montreal's basilica.  It had what I imagine is more of a Russian feel (but never having been to Russia, I'm just guessing!!!).

I've got some sewing updates ready to go but I'm waiting for the postal system to deliver a parcel to Australia before I blog ... the parcel is already a month late, so it's not looking good!


  1. Lovely photos - especially of the Basillica. -28C is insanely cold!!

  2. Brrrr....aren't you glad it's spring-time here? So, I was wondering if you were still here in the it seems like it was only a six month stint. I've never had an urge to visit Montreal until now. It looks beautiful. Maybe you can go back in July! It'll be nice and hot here by then!

    Cindy Bee

    PS. Can't wait to see what you've been sewing. I've missed your blog.

  3. PPS. Happy Easter! And referring to your comment on my blog, sometimes I do have nightmares!!!

  4. your photos are breathtaking - not just on this page but all of them