Friday, 18 November 2016

Craft Round-Up

It's been a little difficult to concentrate on crafting when the weather has been this beautiful.  I snapped this on my phone at the Missouri Botanical Gardens this week when it was a fantastic 20 celsius ... the following day the temperature went up to 28 celsius.  Still not really believing that it's mid-November.  Apparently we're going to come crashing back to reality this weekend though with some more seasonal temperatures!

So, what have I been doing?

A little bit of crochet using up some spare yarn.  It's a pattern I've made before and makes a very dense fabric - perfect for a quick blanket - and really easy to do while watching telly!

I've had this purse frame in my stash for ages.  No sewing required ... just glueing skills.  I think I prefer sewing!!

And this is what my work table looks like.  Kathy sent me some purse frames (thanks Kathy!!) that she no longer wanted, so I raided my stash and set about using up some odds and ends of fabric.  All the interfacing and wadding has been fused, which is half the battle.  The idea is that whenever I get a spare hour I can sew a purse!  


  1. Hi Fiona,
    I know what you mean about the weather! It's crazy and I'm loving it!!! Only this weekend, I am going on a shopping trip with family, and of course it's supposed to get bad out. Oh well, it's been wonderful while it lasted. Those little purses are adorable! Glad to see you blogging!

    Cindy Bee

  2. I much prefer sewing to glueing! I find I'm more productive if I set everything up and ready to go. That first photo is stunning!

  3. Nice to see you using the frames. Enjoy!